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[vc_row el_class="hide"][vc_column width="1/1"][vc_column_text]Natural Gas : Information & Updates In our current issue of Natural Gas: Information and Updates, we have covered various countries across the globe which have been grouped into medium concentration categories depending on the quantum

RBI Circulars, September 04, 2013 on Overseas Direct Investments (‘ODIs’) and External Commercial Borrowing (‘ECB’) 1. The Reserve Bank of India on September 04, 2013 has issued clarifications on the much debated Liberalized Remittance Scheme and issued Circulars regarding Overseas Direct Investments (‘ODIs’) and External Commercial Borrowings (‘ECB’) from foreign equity holder.

Madrid Protocol in India, July 08, 2013 India has put into effect The Madrid Protocol on July 08, 2013 and consequently amended the Trade Marks Act, 1999 and rules made thereunder. Highlights are as below: 1. As on July 08, 2013 India puts into effect the Madrid Protocol – so now international filing now simplified India acceded to the Madrid Protocol earlier this year and made the same effective beginning July 8, 2013, thereby simplifying the international procedure for the registration of a trade mark.