E-payment Systems in India Part 2
September 18, 2019


Workings of a Payment Gateway System

This topic is covered in three part series titled E-payment systems in India compromising of‘ Transaction Charges E-payments’, ‘Workings of a Payment Gateway System’ and ‘Chargeback and Refunds’. Please find the first part here https://www.linkedin.com/post/edit/6575717169265512448/
Do you get irritated if the OTP takes too long to generate after entering your card details or if the payment for a transaction fails?
Well, a lot of factors have to be taken care of in this short span of about 180 seconds(which may vary) where the payment is made and settled with the Merchant who then confirms the purchase made by the Customer. It is the backend process of this system and settling of payment which is far more intriguing and complex than it appears. ReadMore

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