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Sector Specific

Energy, Infrastructure & Petrochemicals

  • Oil & Gas. Drafting, negotiating and finalizing documents including;
  • Production Sharing Contracts and Joint Operating Agreements (negotiated and finalized); Farm-in and Farm-out Agreements; Service Contracts (Gas Field); Gas Supply Agreements & Master Gas Sales Agreement;  Gas Transportation Agreements; LNG Supply Agreement & Regasification Agreements; Technology Licensing & Know-How Agreements.
  • Renewable Energy. O&M for Wind Turbine  Generators and downstream agreements.
  • Port Concession Agreements, Sub-Concessions
  • Concessions for Aviation Fuel Farms and downstream documentation

Information Technology and IT enabled services.

  • Drafting, negotiating and finalizing documents, including, Software Development Contracts; Software Licensing and Maintenance Agreements, Software Integration Agreements; and Teaming Contracts, Web hosting and Development Agreements;  Site Usage Agreement, Preparing Security policies including policies on data, and protection and privacy.
  • Digital Space. Advisory on transaction structure and documentation structure and preparation of transaction documents

Pharmaceutical; Healthcare &Healthcare Professionals

  • Drafting, negotiating and finalizing documents, including, Contract Manufacturing Contracts, Licensing Contracts, Distribution Agreement, Procurement Agreements.
  • Preparation of Policy documents such as Standards for Interacting with Healthcare Professionals.
  • Structuring acquisitions and completion of transactions.


  • Advisory & Documentation
  • Transportation and Warehousing

Real Estate & Hospitality

  • Due diligence exercise
  • Drafting, negotiating and finalizing agreements in the area of real estate. Documentation including, Agreements for development of townships and complexes and associated documentation including underwriting agreements and documentation for retail sale; Construction Contracts; Collaboration Agreements; Agreements for Maintenance and Allied Services, and Retail documentation including, Commercial and Residential Lease Deeds, Sale Deeds and Leave and License Agreements


  • Structuring transactions in education sector (technical, non-technical, K-12 and supplementary), and negotiating and drafting documents, including, Operation and Management Services Agreement, Collaboration Agreement, and Charter Documents of a society (including all control and management issues involving multiple parties).

Start ups

  • Advising start-ups in relation to structuring business and risk identification; early stage compliance issues, addressing financing requirements; preparing for equity funding; and Negotiating private equity funding documents.